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We are open for new partnerships with companies targeting the retail environment. We would be happy to discuss possible scope of cooperation, to offer even better customer experience solutions.

About scent marketing

Scent Marketing is one of the most popular, non-verbal ways of communication with clients. Almost 75% of purchase decisions are spontaneous and scent is one of the crucial factors, that can influence our emotions.

WOW Products

Respectful technology, safe for humans, premises and the environment.

Easy to use.

Our collection include a rich variety of unique fragrances, not available in retail use.

Diverse technology, suitable for different areas of implementation.

The WOW Experience


IKEA in Poland introduced gingerbread fragrance during the Christmas period. Located at their grocery shop, it significantly impacted their biscuit sales.


Baby 9, a French baby care chain store implemented a scent of oriental flower – Frangipany, at the baby food accessories section, in order to increase their customers well-being.


IBIS Hotels in Spain welcome their guests with a harmonious blend of peony, vanilla and heliotrope to create soothing and dreamy atmosphere from the very beginning of their stay.

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©2015 WOW AROMA • All rights reserved
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